We are extremely happy to recognize the talented contributors of The Fountain Journal. Here are some moments from The Award Ceremony on Thursday (Jan, 6) in the foyer of the Bulgarian Language and Literature Department. The Fountain presented certificates and awards to the gifted young ACS writers and artists who took part in the competition.

 The Fountain team and the winners
 Certificates and Awards
Photos: Zornitsa Haidutova

Literary Competition

First Place

Видения, Йоана Стефанова

Second Place

Wolves to Lambs, Valzorra

Обратен завой, Невена Стоянова

Third Place

Зад гората, Ния Русева

A Murder to Memories, Борис Зюмбюлев

Cover Design Competition:

First Place

Мария-Магдалена Джангозова

Honorable Mention

Цветомира Ашова

Award for Illustrations:

Лата Гочева