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The Fountain is proud to announce the winners of the Literary and Cover Design Competition – winter, 2013:

The Award Ceremony took place on 19 December in the Bulgarian Language and Literature Department. The team of the Fountain presented certificates and awards to the talanted writers and artists who took part in the competition.

Literary Competition
I. Затварям си едното око – Яна Николова, 12
    My Other World – Лора Тодорова, 9
II. Сън за (не)щастие – Зара Ранчева, 12
III. Не е лесно да си син на краля – Никола Ненков, 9
Cover Design Competition
I. Яна Николова, 12
II. Ивелина Иванова, 12
III. Лата Гочева, 10